Hunt Down Spheres with this Yuna and Rikku Cosplay

Yuna was first introduced in Final Fantasy X. A summoner tasked with defeating Sin and saving her world, she was rather quiet but determined when it came to the path in front of her. After the events of Final Fantasy X, Yuna was more outgoing and fun loving in the sequel Final Fantasy X-2. Becoming a sphere hunter and traveling around Spira, she maintains her friendship with Rikku as well as forming a new one with Paine. Donning a less restrictive, and funner, outfit when a gunner, Yuna delights in the life she lives.


Along with Yuna, Rikku was also introduced in Final Fantasy X and returned in X-2. An outgoing, bubbly individual who is afraid of thunder, she works tirelessly to cheer Yuna up as well as protect her. An Al Bhed, she is often looked down upon by the rest of society, though she is in fact related to Yuna. After defeating Sin, she joined Brother as a sphere hunter, eventually “kidnapping” Yuna to bring happiness to her life.


Yuni Cosplayer is an epic gunner in this amazing cosplay. Her cosplay of Yuna is spot on perfect. From the hair to Tidus’s symbol on her shirt to her boots, Yuni Cosplayer knocks this costume out of the park. Susana Cosplay is also perfect in her representation of Rikku’s thief attire. From her flowing scarf to creating her weapons, you can feel her happiness radiating off the screen. Posing on the beach, they bring the world of Final Fantasy X-2, especially the beaches of Besaid.