Castlevania Cosplays

Hunt for Vampires With These Amazing Castlevania Cosplays

Castlevania is a video-game series created and developed by Konami that centers around the Belmonts, a clan of vampire hunters, and their fight with Dracula. Symphony of the Night is the direct sequel to Castevania: Rondo of the Blood and features Dracula’s son, Alucard, as the protagonist. The game’s story takes place during the year 1797, five years after the events of Rondo of the Blood, and begins with Dracula being defeated by Richter Belmont. Castlevania rises again after five years and while there are no Belmonts to roam the castle, Alucard, the son of Dracula, awakens from his sleep and investigates what occurred during his self-induced slumber.

Dracula has been depicted in several different ways over the course of the Castlevania series. He has shown a sense of inconsistency in terms of his personality, although the major elements include his vast malice regarding the human race and God, as well as having a defined superiority complex. Despite showing a softer side with his son, Alucard, his hostility and pride remain the same.

Castlevania Cosplays

As the offspring of an unnatural relationship between Dracula and a human woman, Adrian – Alucard’s real name – had special powers thought to be stronger than any human but not exactly as strong as his fathers’. After his mother was killed, Adrian grew up with a heavy influence from his father, who taught him the dark arts. However, his gentle, human side still remained and eventually took precedent, especially upon understanding that Dracula was going to serve wrath upon the people. From then on, he chose to go under the name “Alucard”, which is his father’s branded name in reverse, to showcase that he stood for beliefs opposite of his father.


Cosplayers Maria and Anna couldn’t have portrayed Alucard and Dracula any better – seriously, their costumes are absolutely phenomenal! We see every element portrayed in the characters’ designs translated into real life.  For Alucard, Adelheid donned the Dhampir in his 18th-century garb with the black jacket containing side seams held together by four square brooches, a long, patterned overcoat, and cape, all finished off by fangs, long white-blonde hair and long fingernails. We want to hunt vampires in lush attire like Alucard’s!  As for Dracula, Faery not only created a flawless costume, but also topped it off with red contacts and impeccably contoured makeup for a striking look. Dracula showcases his regal flair with lavish clothing, as seen in the bold black and red ensemble, a classic vampire appearance that gives us goosebumps.


Photography by JustMoolti


Written by Guest Contributor: DanahD