Hunter in the Night: Vayne Cosplay from League of Legends

vayne-cosplay-1 Vayne, the Night Hunter, preying on those that have fallen into darkness and bringing them swift death. Vayne is a fantastic character from League of Legends whose art and style is reminiscent of Helsing and gothic hunters of dark evils. She is an excellent marksman and a stealthy assassin; moving swiftly toward her enemies and attacking with exciting speed. vayne-cosplay-2 Like the many characters in the League of Legends world, Vayne has a special skill set and play style that is a perfect fit to the player who likes to sneak and attack from afar. Her quick movement and attack makes playing Vayne exciting and fast-paced. In your final hour, you don’t want to be faced against Vayne. vayne-cosplay-3 Jynx Art & Cosplay has done a spectacular job portraying Vayne; in all her dark and stylish glory. Her skill in weapon and costume construction is quite evident in the beautiful weapon and game-accurate garb. Jynx really brings the spirit of Vayne’s character to life in a fantastic way! Photography by Aileen Luib     [signoff2] Hey cosplayers! Want a feature of your own? Submit your photos to our Tumblr page or attach them in an email to [email protected] for a chance to appear on our site!