Huntress Nidalee is a Vision in This Beautiful Cosplay

There are few people who are truly survivors. Sure, there are people who are hustlin’ every day to make ends meat but when faced with the harsh obstacles nature has to offer even they might not make it through. Nidalee from League of Legends is quite the different story. A native of the great barrier, Nidalee was raised by treasure-seeking parents who couldn’t foresee how their high ambition might get the better of them. A young child should never see their parents perish before them, but Nidalee had to. She was left alone in the jungle, forced to make it through what mother nature had to offer.


Fortunately for Nidalee, her childish innocence and naivety appealed to the beasts of the jungle. She was soon taken in by cougars and raised as one of their own, picking up their feline instincts. Her body turned into something both human and feline, absorbing the magic of the jungle.


Nidalee is a woman who prevails. She persists and is determined to protect those she loves, obtaining more than admirable traits. This is probably one of the many reasons that cosplayers have chosen to embody the woman, giving the character their own flair. Of the cosplayers who have donned Nidalee’s huntress outfit, MiuMoonlight has done a more than flawless job with her. Nidalee feels real, organic and not just something from a videogame. Instead, she’s taken true form thanks for MiuMoonlight’s fantastic job!

Photography by Fotograf-13