Hyrule Warriors Limited Edition Sees Extremely Limited US Release

Nintendo, Omega Force, and Team Ninja’s Dynasty Warriors-inspired The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Warriors will be getting a very limited US release of the limited edition package, which includes a Triforce shaped clock, a book, treasure chest, as well as a replica of Link’s scarf from the game. While released in wider channels in Europe and Japan, the US release will only be available in limited quantities in the Nintendo World Store in New York City. The store is not accepting pre-orders.

Announced on their Twitter page, the Nintendo World Store reps announced that the sale will be exclusive to that store only, and are not accepting pre-orders due to very high demand. Nintendo World Store is located in Midtown Manhattan, and the sale starts at 8 AM sharp, September 26th while supplies last.


The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Warriors arrives in North America the same day in much more widely available numbers as a standard edition, and hits Europe on September 19th.