In the Name of the Moon: An Incredible Usagi Cosplayer!

Photo by Alex Smushko

Usagi, the struggling student bursting with heart, lived a routine life going to school and tearing her hair out around test time. Things dramatically change when she discovers she is Sailor Moon, leader of the Sailor Senshi, a group of magical fighters set out to protect the Earth from evil. She is also the reincarnated Princess of the Moon Kingdom, Serenity. From the Dark Kingdom to the Dead Moon Circus, Usagi and her Princesses of the Solar System battle tirelessly, and discover the many mysteries of their past lives along the way

Photo by Yussya Summer

Sailor Moon has been a huge part of many childhoods, and carries on strong to this day. Cosplayers can be found far and wide depicting their favorite characters. MilenaHime has taken her love for the blonde heroine to the next level. With not only one, but a whole slew of incredible costumes! From her casual street clothes, to her elegant princess gown. The vibrant colors of her fuku uniform pop, and the heavenly whites and silvers in her Serenity dress dazzle! The iconic Usagi has been depicted with perfection. No doubt, her dedication and craft will make any Sailor Moon fan smile

Photo by Jane Riubakova
Photo by Yuzuriha Inu


 Written by Guest Contributor: Skirtz