Incredible Celty Cosplay Steals The Spotlight

Celty Sturluson is a “Headless Rider”, also known as a Dullahan, which is a being from Irish lore who helps guide souls into the afterlife. She came to Japan looking for her lost head, hence her nickname, The Headless Rider. She has superhuman strength and can form shadow-like objects at her will. However, she is able to live without it, as she has sensors that are on other parts of her body aside from her head. Her motorcycle is actually a horse in disguise, which is named Shooter. Cosplayer Lyz Brickley brings Celty to life in this incredibly made cosplay. The mystical black smoke really solidifies the fact that Celty is a Dullahan and has otherworldly powers. The perfectly tailored fitted black catsuit and Celty’s signature helmet really make this cosplay epic.





Photo by Photography By Darshelle Stevens