Incredible Cosplay Showcases Warhammer Dark Elf Sorceress’ Beauty


Directly descended from High Elves, they bear an untruer hatred for them, as well as most other races. Violent and cruel, they are often thought of as extremely evil. The most fearsome of the dark elves are the sorceresses. Those wanting to become sorceresses must pass many brutal tests in order to prove their worth. With powerful abilities at their fingertips, they can eliminate many enemies with just a flick of their wrist. While their violent nature may make them seem like brutes, sorceresses are often well bred and educated, but nevertheless succumb to their dark elven nature.


Captain Izzy Cosplay transforms herself into a stunning dark elf sorceress. The armor is beautiful, a deep plum color that is accented with gold edges. Not only did she create the arm guards, but also the bustier, shoulder guards, boots, and bottoms. All the details are precise and match perfectly. Flowing from the armored bottom is a loin cloth styled piece of crimson and gold. Her raven black hair is held back by a black head piece and her elf ears poke out. Wielding a sinister rod, she is ready for action.



Photography by Lexa One Photography


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