Incredible Evolve Cosplay Shows the Medic Val in Action

val-cosplay-1Photography by Andrew H

Turtle Rock Studios’ newest game, Evolve, features a roster of Hunters that fight against the enemy Monster class in hopes of saving the planet Shear.  Players can choose from four different Hunter classes: Support, Assault, Trapper, and Medic.  If you have a preference for healing in other class-based video games, the Medic will likely be your main, and the starter character for the Medic class is the poweful sniper, Val.

val-cosplay-2Photography by Annagram22

The ridiculously talented Vampy Bit Me has created this Val cosplay that shows just how much care she puts into each of her cosplays.  Her armor and wings are truly remarkable.  Paired with signature Val cap and of course her trusty sniper rifle at hand, Vampy looks ready to hunt down Behemoth and Goliaths in true Val fashion.  If you are just as impressed with this cosplay of Val as we are, be sure to Like Vampy Bit Me’s Facebook page!