Incredible Reaper Cosplay Perfectly Executes Her Enemies

Overwatch’s Reaper is known for close-quarters combat. With his twin shotguns he is a force to be reckoned with. His “Death Blossom” ultimate, where he hovers above the ground, spinning at lightning speed and firing off his shotguns, he moves deftly in the path of his enemies to eliminate them. With his Wraith From, he becomes invincible and moves at impressive speeds to escape, or move in close for a kill, and Shadow Step grants him the power of teleportation to a chosen point.


Bloodraven Cosplay has crafted the perfect reaper, with a mixture of beauty and intimidation. As her enemies stare down the barrels of her twin shotguns they have no choice but to freeze in fear. The varieties of materials and textures Bloodraven Cosplay has assembled to become Reaper is nothing short of amazing. She has truly brought Reaper from screen to real life.



Photography by CosLifeJAYKID, and The Will Box