Incredible She Hulk Cosplay Will Blow You Away

While everyone nowadays seems to know about the large and in charge green supermutant, The Hulk, thanks to The Avengers films and his own movie adaptations, not any are familiar with his female counterpart, She Hulk.  But that doesn’t mean she isn’t as badass and epic as The Hulk himself!  She is amazingly powerful and can cause sheer destruction, but always has the best intentions at heart.


One of our favorite cosplayers, Juby Headshot, created this incredible She Hulk cosplay that has truly blown us away.  Her body paint smoothly adorns her skin and is the perfect shade of green for a She Hulk cosplay.  If you love this cosplay as much as we do, be sure to check out more of Juby Headshot’s cosplays by visiting her Facebook page!



Photography by Oriol Lamiel Photography