inFamous: Second Son Smokes the Competition with Sales Count


Sony made an announcement recently about inFamous: Second Son, and they were very focused on how well the game has been selling. How well HAS it been selling anyways? Turns out the game has sold 1 million copies in only 9 days since its release. And yes, that includes both digital and physical. Quite impressive to have that little of time and those large sells in the books. Those sales numbers that quickly mean inFamous could bump up to Sony’s more top-tier games, the big and popular.

Do note that the original two inFamous games both sold around 4.5 million copies combined, throughout the course of their releases and beyond. That definitely puts inFamous: Second Son’s quick and plentiful sales in perspective. It certainly helps that it’s one of the bigger exclusives on the PS4 right now, and one of the first few. It’s reasonable to say that it’s what some were waiting for when planning to purchase the PS4. inFamous is blazing along as we speak. If you have a chance to play it, give it a shot.