Instinct Guides this Warring Kingdoms Nidalee Cosplay

Not many would survive in the harsh Kumungu Jungle, never mind a child. Nidalee’s innocence, however, is what saved her from the beasts when she was just two years old. Taken in by a family of cougars, she absorbed the magic of the jungle, heightening her feline instincts and giving her the ability to transform herself into a cougar herself. After a group of Noxian woodcutters invaded her territory and were quickly dispatched, she decided to rejoin humanity in order to protect her home from all invading forces.


Cosplayer Elifissa dons Nidalee’s Warring Kingdoms armor in this amazing cosplay. Featuring red fabric with gold detailing and armor pieces, she is stunning. A green choker and green hip pieces, along with the blue frills at the end of her sleeves, add a nice splash of color. Wielding an impressively made, and deadly looking, spear, she is ready to protect the Kumungu Jungle from the “civilized” world.

Photography by Patricia Bueno Photography