Introducing the PlayStation 4 And Everything You Need To Know


Gamers have waited. Gamers have speculated. Gamers have questioned. They have endured four months of torture, hoping that Sony would give them something, anything to go off of. There was a faint light at the end of the tunnel when announcements of the PlayStation 4 began to flood in. Titles were confirmed, features were shared, and slowly, details of what the console had to offer became known. Now that light has flourished, and is guiding players down the PlayStation 4 path.

One thing that Sony had kept under wraps was what their next generation console would look like. The mystery is no longer, and the wait has been worth it. The PlayStation 4’s designed has been revealed and as Andrew House, president and group CEO of SCEA, took stage gamers finally got a glimpse of the console’s design. Sony went for a sleeker look this time around and made sure that it would stand out no matter where in the room it was placed. Get a good look, boys and girls, and get yourself acquainted with the visual masterpiece that is the PlayStation 4!

Sure, looks are important, but it’s not what most gamers tend to put precedence on when they think of what they want in a gaming console. Most players want to make sure they’re getting the right amount of bang for their buck. Sucking gamers dry of money is never the way to go, and Sony has ensured that PlayStation 4 followers will not have to worry about spending more than necessary. For one, there will be no used game restrictions. What does that mean? Well it means users will be able to trade their games in at retail value. They will also be able to sell their games to another person, lend them to a friend, or cherish a title forever if it suits their fancy.


In addition, gamers will not be required to be online to enjoy their games. If you don’t feel like being bothered to sign in to the PSN, you don’t have to. Kick back, relax, and play single mode offline. Online check ins will not be something required to enjoy your PlayStation 4 either and gamers won’t have to freak out if they haven’t authenticated in a twenty four hour span. Other features included with the PlayStation 4 will be cross game voice chat as well as a share button.

And how much money will gamers have to part with? Not as much as some might have anticipated, especially with all the next generation console offers. When the PlayStation 4 hits shelves this holiday season it will be $399 / €399 / £349. Get pumped, gamers! The next generation is here and it’s ready to kick some butt!