Ironscale Shyvana is Ready for Battle in This Amazing Cosplay

There are not many women who can walk the walk and talk the talk, but League of Legends’ Shyvana is not afraid to back up her actions. Half human, half dragon, Shyvana was not unused to the prejudices of others, often times being persecuted for what she was. This hardened her, pushing her to become the brutal warrior she is now. Either you gave the woman what she wanted or you would face her fiery wrath — it was as simple as that. Having hatred within her, especially after her father died, only fueled the anger that Shyvana had accrued from her childhood.


After her father’s passing, Shyvana went north to follow his killer, only to run into a group of humans who were after the same drake. They banded together — after some reluctance from Shyvana, in order to aid her in her mission for vengeance. After the task was accomplished, the men showing off their brutal skill and Shyvana delivering the final blow to the drake, Jarvan IV — the leader of the group, offered the woman a place with the elite guards he took charge of. While the men were still intimidated by Shyvana, she accepted Jarvan IV’s offer — longing for a sense of home since she was a child.


With such ferocity, it’s no wonder that anyone would want to become such a woman — despite her hard exterior. There’s no denying her fighting ability, as she’s had to fight her whole life, at least in one capacity or another. Shyvana has no fear in taking what she wants either and is driven by her own desires. These are just a few of the reasons why a cosplayer might want to bring Shyvana to life, and though there have been many to do so already, Kinpatsu Cosplay has done one of the better takes on the warrior. Her details are refined, and stunning making the essence of Shyvana show through. The beauty of this Shyvana cosplay is undeniable, and Kinpatsu Cosplay has done an amazing job with each piece of who Shyvana is.

Photography by GiantShev Photography