Captain Marvel Movie

Is Jessica Chastain Playing Captain Marvel?

We all know Jessica Chastain from her iconic role in Zero Dark Thirty as the head honcho who helmed a military team to take down Bin Laden. With Marvel phase three officially announced, there have been questions about who might play Captain Marvel. Rumor has it that Jessica Chastain could be up for the role, but what she has to say about this rumor is interesting.

A couple of days ago, Chastain went on MTV for an interview and mentioned Captain Marvel. Sadly, she tweeted that she was referring to an older film and went on to deny that she is playing the role.

Back in 2012, Chastain was mentioned for a potential role in Iron Man 3; and she was a candidate with Diane Kruger, Gemma Arterton and Isla Fisher. Seems like this is the role she was talking about in her interview. Oh well. When there is a role up for grabs, there are bound to be actors who want to grab it. An example would be Katheryn Winnick from Vikings. She recently posted a piece of fan art on her Instagram showing her as Carol Danvers and, damn, it does look as though she would be perfect for the role. Whether or not Marvel sees this is yet to be determined.

Winnick has expressed interest in the past as she talked about possibly playing the role of female Thor, referencing the character change in the comics.

As far as who will be playing Captain Marvel, aka Carol Danvers, we will just have to wait and see.