Jaina Proudmoore Cosplay is a Powerful Sorceress

Jaina Proudmoore is a gifted sorceress and the most powerful human caster in the kingdom of Azeroth. When her powers were first discovered she was sent off to Dalaran where she became one of the first females to be in direct service to Dalaran. Founder and former ruler of Theramore Isle, she is now the Grand Magus of Kirin Tor, a gathering of all the most powerful magic users in Azeroth. With dreams of uniting all the human kingdoms, she helps rule Dalaran.


Cosplayer DenikaKiomi is a stunning Jaina. Silver armored chest plate and armored shoulder pieces are amazingly crafted. The worn looking metal stands out against the crisp white, gold and purple cloth of the rest of her outfit. Blonde stripe of hair is on point among her white hair. Posing in a regal manner with a purple staff, she appears to have come right out of the screen.

Photography by D.Eugen and Black Cat