Janna Cosplay is a Beautiful Tempest

Janna had a rough childhood growing up on the streets of Zaun, the magical yet chaotic city-state. An orphan, she did what she had to do in order to survive. This is when the lure of the magic permeating the city she lived in first became apparent. Drawn to the elemental magic of air, she started to study it. Realizing magic could get her off the streets as well as provide protection, she ended up completing her studies in just a few months, becoming an ethereal being and avatar of the air. Now fighting in the League of Legends, she preaches for rules on magical experimentation in order to help tame the chaos of Zaun.


Kristen Hughey is absolutely breathless in this Janna cosplay. Looking completely otherworldly all the small details are present. From the shape of her staff to the gold embellishments on her top to the silk fabric on her skirt, Kristen Hughey is a breath of fresh air. Majestically posing in the sunlight, the photo effects highlighting the magic qualities of her staff really help bring Janna to life.

Photography by Ngo Photography and Jay Hooker Images