A Jazzy Cosplay of Vocaloid’s Luka Megurine!

Established as the third Vocaloid2 in Crypton’s character series, Luka Megurine was a valuable vocaloid. People consider Luka a “High tech, robotic, female singer.” Luka is a pretty dependable Vocaloid because she is bilingual. Due to her fluent English and Japanese, she can teach people Jananese and/or English even when they don’t speak a word of it. But, Luka can cause conflict with newer and older versions downloaded and received due to her use of both English and Japanese. Along with language, Luka has a deeper voice which is why she usually listens to and sings jazz music.


Here Cosplayer Lyubena Fox gives a clear example of Luka. Her attention to the costume details and form are put together well and the hair blends with the makeup giving her a finished and glowing profile. Lyubena also demonstrates the sexy formality of Luka through her facial expressions and background. Always make sure your background fits some how with the setting of where your character came from. This will make more sense and fully complete your look.


Sometimes the simplest of things in a cosplay can matter. Everything goes down to a stitch or jewel. To get the best results in your costume and character, you want to focus on your craftsmanship and dedicate yourself into your work so that your cosplay will turn out jazzy.


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Written by Guest Contributor: jessicavelocity