Jessica Nigri Makes a Gorgeous Miss Fortune in Arcade Cosplay

Whatever cosplay superstar Jessica Nigri does, you know it’s gonna be shiny. And by shiny, I mean it’s going to grab your attention, whether you know the character she’s portraying or not. Jessica knows how to wear costumes that fit and flatter her gorgeous curves. She’s a big fan of League of Legends, and it was only a matter of time before she took on a cosplay of Miss Fortune’s Arcade skin.

As for Miss Fortune… Her given name is Sarah, and her mom was an artisanal gun maker. The guns that her mother made were very famous, and all manner of people, including unsavory types, wanted them. One such person was Gangplank, another Champion of League of Legends. Gangplank took the guns by force, killing Sarah’s parents in the process. He then shot her, set the workshop ablaze, and then destroyed the guns out of spite.


Sarah awoke from the turmoil in agony, her straw-colored hair stained red with her mother’s blood and bullets lodged on either side of her heart. She crawled from the burning ruins of her home with the broken remains of two pistols clutched to her bleeding chest. Her body healed, but a part of her mind remained trapped in her mother’s burning workshop, and no amount of soap could wash the vivid red from Sarah’s hair. Or at least, so the story is told…

From then on, she became a badass bounty hunter, building up her supporters, because she knew she couldn’t take on Gangplank alone. She quickly became well known in Bilgewater, becoming Miss Fortune to strike fear into her opponents and mask her true intention of revenge.


Only a handful of characters received the Arcade skin that debuted last year. Miss Fortune is one, and it’s bubblegum brightness may seem at odds with her bloody, heart wrenching backstory. But…this is League of Legends, where alternate skins are often tongue-in-cheek, and sometimes just for fun. And it’s obvious that Jessica is having a ton of fun with this cosplay. She looks bright, happy, and beautiful. Pink is an amazing color on her, and she wears this cosplay oh so well. Jessica gives credit to costumer Vensy for the outfit and the guns. Together with photographer Martin Wong, this collaboration is just incredible. There will certainly be oodles of prints sold from this photo set to adorn the walls of League and Jessica Nigri fans all over the world.