Jessica Rabbit is as Sultry as Ever in Gorgeous Cosplay

Jessica Rabbit isn’t bad…she’s just drawn that way. And in her case, bad is very, very good. This smoldering siren appeared in the live action / animation hybrid film Who Framed Roger Rabbit? as the wife of protagonist Roger Rabbit. Both Roger and Jessica are Toons, but Roger is an anthropomorphic rabbit, while Jessica is a sexy, leggy human. Roger is diminutive and silly, while Jessica is nothing short of a sultry, striking femme-fatale. Yet, this odd couple works. It’s easy to see why Roger is attracted to Jessica, and, in Jessica’s words, she loves Roger because he “makes her laugh.” Plus, he’s “a better lover than a driver.”

In the original book, Jessica was an amoral, would-be star and was estranged from her husband Roger Rabbit. In the film adaptation, she is re-imagined as a mysterious, but moral, cartoon actress and singer at a LA supper club called the Ink and Paint Club. The film leads us to believe that Jessica is cheating on Roger, and possibly is the one who framed him for murder. But in true hardboiled detective style, there’s a lot more to both the story and to Jessica.

After Jessica claims to be on Roger’s side, she goes on to show selflessness, compassion, and sincere loyalty. She definitely comes off as cool and distant, but she has a soft spot for Roger who she clearly adores. Jessica offers to pay detective Eddie Valiant “any price” to save Roger, and helps prove Roger’s innocence by assisting with the investigation. Not one to shy away from risk, Jessica puts herself in danger and maintains her composure even in combat. Adept with a pistol, mallet, frying pan, and a bear trap that was hidden in her ample cleavage, Jessica is definitely one dame you don’t want to mess with.


And she’s certainly not just a pretty face. As with the best femme-fatales, she’s savvy, quick-witted, and knows how the game is played. Even though Who Framed Roger Rabbit? came out in 1998, Jessica Rabbit’s star power is timeless. She’s based on an amalgamation of Golden-era Hollywood screen goddesses, such as Veronica Lake, Rita Hayworth, Marlene Dietrich, Jane Mansfield, and Lauren Bacall, and everything about her is drop-dead sexy. For cosplayers and fans, she’s a classic, and highly recognizable. Here, photographer David Love has captured Kristen Lanae in a gorgeous rendition of Jessica Rabbit. This is a stellar collaboration that shows off the best of Kristen’s gorgeous looks and fabulous cosplay prowess. Kristen is smoking hot and definitely has what it takes to be a “live-action” version of the famous Toon. Love the dress, the hair, the makeup, the expression…everything. To paraphrase the movie, it must be hard to look like that (meaning that good), but it’s not hard for us to look at her, looking that good.