Jill Valentine Cosplay Shows She Can Really Bring the Heat

Featured here is an amazing Jill Valentine cosplay by Daran-h. This costume from the Unveiled Edition of Resident Evil Revelations perfectly resembles Capcom’s zombie-killing heroine. Valentine stars in Resident Evil Revelations, hunting and searching through hoards of monsters to locate the missing Chris Redfield and uncover the hidden truths of the Queen Zenobia. Her swimsuit, special weaponry and scanner especially assists with her treacherous mission into the terrifying Queen Zenobia ship.

Unlike her previous mutant-killing showcase, Jill Valentine fights the most horrifying sea creatures known to the BSAA operative and her partner. This zombie killing broad is a role model and a man’s dream, and the cosplay’s photography and crafting shows for a most accurate scene of Capcom’s Resident Evil Revelations- Unveiled Edition’s Jill Valentine and deserves two thumbs up for the craftsmanship and modeling done by this epic cosplayer.


A perfect portrayal of Jill Valentine’s hardcore outfit, characteristic, and realness is crafted and photographed by the lovely Daran-H and *LEWO.


Written by Guest Contributor: KuroNeko