Jinx Cosplay Dons Bunny Ears in Battle Bunny Rendition

Jinx is a wild, crazy champion in League of Legends. Boredom is her number one pet peeve and she works to liven up any place that is dull in her eyes. The dullest place? Piltover, home of Caitlyn and Vi. Wreaking havoc as she swept across the city, her blatant disregard for the law caused much concern for Piltover’s citizens. Calling out Vi, they met for what many hoped would be Jinx’s final confrontation with the law. The resourceful Jinx, however, escaped by blowing up the building.


Drawing inspiration from Battle Bunny Riven, Feoranna Cosplay has created an amazing Battle Bunny Jinx costume. Long blue braids are held back with white and pink bunny years. A leotard composed of half black, and white and pink pin strips, is adorned with a bunny tail. Around her waist is a belt of carrot shaped bullets. Pink knee high fishnet on one leg, white cuffs, and a white collar with black tie finish off the look amazingly. This is a highly creative cosplay, well done Feoranna.



Photography by David Ngo and The Art of the Con