Jinx Cosplay Is An Explosion of Fun

Jinx, one of the most beloved champions of the League of Legends universe is never going out of style. With her spunky personality, love for danger, crime, and explosives, alongside with her penchant for chaos, Jinx reigns supreme as a criminal mastermind. She lives up to her epithet of “The Loose Cannon” with her unpredictability and her consistency with one thing, bringing trouble along with her wherever she does.



Cosplayer Miss Hatred captures Jinx’s spunky attitude and malicious mischievous nature with her gorgeous wide grin as she poses with Fishbones, in beautifully crafted attire with a multitude of materials to give the costume the most dimension possible. Miss Hatred as Jinx really brings the character to life!



Photography by Photo Bri, Kuma Cosplay Photography, and ReflexStudio