Jinx is a True Beach Babe in Epic Cosplay

If you’re a League of Legends player, you definitely know who Jinx is. And if you’re not, chances are you’ve seen some art and killer cosplay of Jinx. She has a very signature look. Jinx is the spritely gal with the extra long, electric blue pigtails, who wields an enormous, shark-motif rocket launcher. You know…the one with the crazy eyes.

And I say that last part with love. Jinx was inspired by the Joker, Gollum, and Helena Bonham Carter – three beings who are know for their, shall we say…rampant eccentricity. Though it’s important to remember that there is a method to Jinx’s madness, more or less. She may come off as completely random, but her underlying goal is to entertain herself and make things more “exciting.” Jinx absolutely despises boredom. She brings her own brand of manic mayhem to the place she considers to be the dullest: Piltover. She lives to create chaos, shoot off her guns Fishbones and Pow-Pow, cause explosions, and delights in messing with Piltover’s authorities, especially fellow League Champion Vi.


Jinx doesn’t wear a whole heck of a lot to begin with, not that much clothing is needed to cover her spare frame. So, adapting Jinx to a “pool party” look makes good sense and still looks like Jinx’s original skin. Rundaria Cosplay looks completely adorable in her beach-ready version of Jinx. Love how long her braids are, and that they basically go all the way down to her ankles. And notice that Fishbones is represented as an inflatable shark floatie. Too cute! Rundaria makes this League of Legends favorite look sweet and approachable; not at all unhinged. There’s definitely method to the madness of this cosplay – fun in the sun, with an explosion of awesome on the side.

Photography by Shiro Ang Photography