Join the Hunt with Headhunter Akali Cosplay

Akali was trained from the moment she could make a fist to become the Fist of Shadow like her mother before her. A member of the Kinkou, a secret organization fated with maintaining the balance between light and dark in Valoran, Akali traveled throughout the world doing what many would consider morally wrong. Able to cut a chain with her hand, she was tasked with Pruning the Tree along with Shen and Kennan. In her quest to preserve the equilibrium, she made her way to the League of Legends where she fights to further her cause.


Bahamut Cosplay is stunning in her Headhunter Akali cosplay. Blending into the shadows, her braided red hair does not interfere with her vision. Silver and black armor adorned with red gems make up her attire, providing protection against enemy blows. Tracking her next victim, she wields twin kama, waiting for the most opportune moment to strike. All the crafted pieces are precisely designed and executed, bringing to life Akali.


Photography by Steeve Li