Joker Cosplay is Maniacally Gorgeous

Cosplay is a form of art appreciation. Cosplayers love characters from popular fiction and/or real life celebrities, and create costumes and looks to dress in their likeness. Often, cosplay reflects a fan’s individual take on a character. Artists, meanwhile, take to their preferred medium to express their enthusiasm for various characters through fan art. And sometimes, jaw-dropping cosplay is born from incredible, inspired fan art, all of which pays homage to a beloved character. It really is the circle of fandom life.


Everyone knows who the Joker is. DC Comics and Batman Universe’s Clown Prince of Crime is one of the most recognizable characters worldwide. His look has been altered dozens of times for various media, but the purple suit, green hair, white face, and wide, crazed smile are hallmarks of Batman’s nefarious main nemesis. And genderbends of the Joker are nothing new, we care to wager that you’ve never seen the Joker like this! That is, unless you’re a fan of artist NoFlutter. She’s absolutely amazing. Her original art and super creative fan art are awe inspiring.


Master cosplayer Rei-doll used NoFlutter’s Lady Joker art as inspiration for this incredible cosplay. You’ve seen her featured before on All That’s Cosplay. She brings something new to every cosplay she takes on. Just look at all the work that went into this Lady Joker. Everything is meticulously crafted and detailed, from the stockings, to the hand dyed corset, to the panniers, and jacket. A lot of work also went into the makeup and styling of the wig to get her look as close to NoFlutter’s art as possible. This is art imitating art imitating art. In short, it’s a trifecta of epic win.

Photography by Kifir





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