Juby Headshot is Queen of the Jungle in Stellar Leopard Nidalee Cosplay

leopard-nidalee-cosplay-1Photography by Alfredo Chimes

Deep in the wild jungles, a child grew up into a fierce champion – Nidalee, surviving her parents unfortunate demise in the jungle, grew up to absorb the raw magics of the wilds. Rejoining the civilized world as a champion to protect the vast woods from both Demacia and Noxus.

Juby Headshot did a great job with her Nidalee – her choice of fabric and pattern is solid! She did a fantastic job on her props and accessories as well. Her interpretation of the wig and styling gives a really fantastic take on bringing Nidalee from the game to the real world with a kick of color in a spicy light red!

leopard-nidalee-cosplay-2Photography by Diabulus




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