This Junko Cosplay Nails the Balance of Sexy and Kawaii


Strawberry pink hair, ties and bows all over, platform boots, and, the cherry on top, a plaid mini-skirt are the makings of Junko Enoshima’s signature look. Junko, from the popular murder mystery visual novel “Danganronpa: Academy of Hope and High School Students of Despair”, is a fan favorite with her multi-faceted personality and distinct fashion sense.


Danganronpa is a fairly new PSP Vita game released in Japan and set for release in the states this year. The anime-style murder game is reminiscent of Battle Royal meets Ace Attorney meets general craziness. It is as violent as it is psychologically intriguing. Junko stands out amongst the large cast with her extravagant fashion and emotional background. Because of her history, her personality is erratic at best. However, she finds herself mostly comfortable with an emotional state of despair – whether it be inflicting it upon others or wallowing in it herself.


Bringing this multi-faceted character to life, is kawaii HAPPYHAHA Cosplay. She embodies Junko Enoshima so perfectly. From the full strawberry pink pigtails to the little accessories, HAPPYHAHA takes Junko Enoshima from the novel and game to the real world. Nothing is missing from this cute and sexy cosplay!


To see more of HAPPYHAHA’s cosplay work, visit her Facebook and DeviantART pages!

Photography by Hoai Nguyen


Written by Guest Contributor: CaydenVierra
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