Junko Enoshima is A Dark Beauty in This Amazing Cosplay

Junko Enoshima is a name that those who are familiar with Danganronpa be more than familiar with. The character serves as the main antagonist for the title, and is known for a handful of other things.  While the basics of her are that she is the younger sister of Mukuro Ikusaba, and that she has a killer fashion sense Junko Enoshima is also known for her title of Ultimate Fashionista. The girl is also founder of the group Ultimate Despair whose goal is to spread as much despair around them as possible, as they want to infect others as they have been infected. After her despair was defeated by survivors’ hope, Junko decided to end it for herself and Monkuma – whom she executed alongside herself.


There’s a darkness to her – and it might be one that some can’t wrap their heads around. People are drawn to darkness, though, and that can be said for cosplayers who often take on characters that people wouldn’t generally say they love. Junko Enoshima is not only a fan favorite within the anime and gaming community, but the cosplay community as well.  While some cosplayers have tried to perfect her image, there have only been a few who were successful at it. Valannaria is one of those cosplayers and she’s done a more than amazing job with Junko. From her pink hair, the teddy bear she holds, right down to the details in her outfit this cosplay is a winner.


Photography by Don Dolce Photography