We Just Can’t Get Enough of This Stunning Q-Bee Cosplay!

Photography by LJinto

As many of you know, it can take a cosplayer a significant amount of time to plan out a cosplay in order to do it justice. However, there are also times when a cosplayer wants so badly to bring a character to life that is extremely complex, and often above their craftsmanship skill level. Instead of doing a crappy job that does not truly do the character justice, some cosplayers will merely hold off on creating that specific character until they have built up their skill level enough that they feel they are ready to take on the challenge.

q-bee-cosplay-2Photography by LJinto

HezaChan has been perfecting her craft for over ten years now, and she has certainly created some amazing cosplays worthy of some attention in the community. One of which is her adorable cosplay of Q-bee from Darkstalkers, which she waited for ten years to create as she felt that she would not be able to craft a cosplay that would be a spot-on embodiment of Q-bee back in 2003. After years of wanting to personify Q-Bee, HezaChan finally took on the challenge of crafting her gorgeous cosplay for its big debut at PAX East in 2013.

q-bee-cosplay-3Photography by EnchantedCupcake

Each detail of her cosplay was well thought out and executed with such precision that truly shows just how much thought and planning HezaChan poured into her cosplay. Q-Bee is the leader of the Soul Bee race in Darkstalkers. As the Queen Bee of the Soul Bee race, her soul job is to raise the next leader of their ravenously hungry hive.

q-bee-cosplay-4Photography by Robbins Studios

Thanks to HezaChan for her beautiful embodiment of Q-Bee, our never-ending hunger for epic cosplays has been temporarily subdued as we are captivated by her huge black eyes, her shiny purple suit and tights that are accented with yellow velvet, along her gorgeous lilac purple wig. Still can’t get enough of this stunning cosplay? You can visit HezaChan’s webpage to find out more on how she crafted each detail of her beautiful Q-Bee cosplay.

q-bee-cosplay-5Photography by DarkainMX

To see more of HezaChan’s amazing cosplay work, visit her Facebook, DeviantART, and Twitter pages!

Written by Guest Contributor: Domoshimi