Kamui Cosplay’s Diablo III Wizard is Powerfully Gorgeous

Diablo III wizards are a breed of their own, foraging their own paths away from the rigid confines of magic academies. Relying on their natural talents with arcane powers, they learn through trial and error in order to harness their astounding powers. Often viewed as rebellious upstarts, they often view themselves as above other magic wielders due to their natural abilities. Even though wizard is seen as a derogatory term to many, these magic wielders are proud of the various paths they can take.


Kamui Cosplay dons her wizard garb in an astounding cosplay. Luxurious silks drape her body as purple and golden armor reflects in the sunlight. As always, the craftsmanship is stunning. Not only does the armor look perfect but the ribbing on the bodice is as well. Jewelry is draped around her neck and a purple and golden jeweled crown sits atop her raven black hair. Wielding an exquisite Valthek’s Rebuke, she is ready to channel her magic towards any foe.