Katarina gets Furry in Ferocious Cosplay


League of Legends champion Katarina is know for her potential to eliminate anyone from the map. With resets and flying knives, her battle skills are known throughout the land. With fine tuned assassination skills, one moment you see her, the next you don’t and you are dead. However, she was not always dependable, failing her first assignment and costing Noxus heavy casualties. Rushing back, she completed her mission, but not without flawing her beautiful face. Learning the price of disobedience, her devotion to her duty only heightened her skills and renown.


Sometimes it takes a bit of creativity to complete a mission. Sometimes that creativity comes in the form of a cute, white fur skin. Eduarda Pires Cosplay recreates the bombshell assassin’s Kitty Cat Katarina skin. Gorgeous red hair frames her face and the scar is meticulously applied. With white ears and a fluffy fur covered two piece ensemble, she is almost too cute to fight. That is until you notice her perfectly crafted, uniquely shaped blades and realize she means business.



Photography by Vanessa Dalpiaz



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