Kennen Cosplay Brings Justice of the Kinkou to Valoran

Kennen was born with boundless energy, jumping from his mother the instant he was out of the womb. Thinking that his energy was only a phase, his parents were wrong as his energy was only matched by his amazing speed. The Kinkou first noticed his abilities when word that he raced straight up the Palcidium. He found that he was perfectly suited for the role of the Heart of the Tempest, racing around Valoran bring both the word and justice of the Kinkou to all. With a place to expend all his energy, he ended up on the Fields of Justice in League of Legends.


Ninania becomes the electric yordle in an amazing cosplay. Choosing to don his original skin, she is decked out in purple. Shining purple gloves, a purple and gold suit, and hood with ears are spot on to Kennen. Wielding a giant ninja star, she is ready to dole out the punishment of the Kinkou and maintain the balance of Valora.