A Kick-ass Cosplay of Street Fighter’s Cammy

She’s only five foot four and a half but she has some ass kicking moves and long blonde braids like whips. Any guesses? She’s Cammy White. One of the most prominent characters in the Street Fighter games, Cammy is an expert in Delta Red Auto Defence and Shadaloo Assassination Techniques. Along with another popular face of the Street Fighter games, Chun-Li, Cammy has an insanely attractive figure to accompany her strong, fierce personality and fighting skills.


After first seeing her in Street Fighter Alpha 3, Cammy was a Doll, soulless and sent to assassinate Dhalsim, who used his spiritual powers to make her self-aware. She realised she was being controlled by Shadaloo and being watched over by M. Bison and Vega. Later, she found out she was simply an experiment that was now longer needed. Cammy learned that Shadaloo had full intentions to destroy her completely.


The femme fatales of the Street Fighter games are a popular choice among cosplayers alike and it is easy to understand why. Miss Cammy White has been cosplayed by the likes of Crystal Graziano aka Precious Cosplay and Mel from WindoftheStars, but now lets turn our heads to exhibit A (or C for Cammy) – a marvellous and ass-kicking cosplay by Spanish cosplayer Ivette Puig. A talented cosplayer she is, having cosplayed characters like the Sheriff of Lynchwood of Borderlands, Baby Doll from Sucker Punch, Princess Zelda, Elektra, Wonder Woman and many more. Her Cammy cosplay is fantastically put together; everything from the red gauntlets, the military boots, the paint on the legs and even the detailing on the red military cap. She is truly a talented cosplayer and has nailed this cosplay of Street Fighter’s blonde, British pocket rocket.




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