Kill Bill’s Elle Driver in Epic Cosplay

Daryl Hannah is one of those incredible Amazon-esque beauties who just gets better with age. She smoldered as Elle Driver in the Kill Bill movies and was quite the scene stealer.

Elle is cruel, sadistic, aggressive…and incredibly sultry. She set a highly venomous Black Mamba on Bill’s brother, Budd, an then sits in the trailer to watch him die. She and the Bride (aka Beatrix) are old enemies, and Elle does show a wicked jealous streak when it comes to Bill’s former love affair with Beatrix. She’s a member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad and the fourth name on the Bride’s Death List Five. Although no longer a working member of the Deadly Vipers, she still seems to work for Bill, and is romantically involved with him.


In the climax of the fight between Beatrix and Elle, Beatrix snatches out Elle’s remaining eye, leaving her alone and blind in Budd’s trailer. Elle’s fate is still unknown. One can assume that the Mamba lurking the trailer eventually finished her off. Or…one can swear by the old TV and movie adage that a person can’t be considered dead until we see a body. (And even then that’s often a ruse.)


Elena Samko does an awesome job of reminding us what made Elle so damn sexy. I’ve never before seen an Elle Driver cosplay, so kudos to Elena for doing something so different, yet so instantly recognizable. A good part of this cosplay is in the attitude. Elena is smoking hot as Elle, and I’m not referring to her cigarette.