Kill La Kill’s Kiryuin Satsuki is Soft in This Beautiful Cosplay

Fans of Kill la Kill are used to seeing Kiryuin Satsuki with hardened features — with her angular jawline and eyebrows being two of her more notable traits. However, when cosplayers taken on certain characters things change and a lot of the time it gives you a perspective you might not have seen before. Where Kiryuin Satsuki was known for being the hard antagonist of Kill La Kill — until her mother took that title from her, cosplayer Megan Coffey has given her softer features. Her signature eyebrows are still in full effect, but Megan Coffey has done something others haven’t and that is giving Kiryuin Satsuki a softer side.


One might believe that Kiryuin Satsuki’s humility doesn’t exist but with this cosplay it’s more than present. There’s a side of Kiryuin Satsuki that some might not be accustomed to and it’s truly a beautiful thing. If you take that into account with the detail and attention put into the cosplay this make it’s one of the better ones and definitely deserves high praises.


Photography by Kaze Photography