Kill la Kill’s Ryuko Matoi Stuns in This Killer Cosplay!


Kill la Kill is taking sexy cosplay to a whole new level. The series producers Trigger has created an amazing Anime Series that is dominating and jaw droppingly sexy. I am truly impressed by the amount of Kill la Kill cosplayers I have been seeing over the last few months. The action packed series following Ryuko Matoi is impressive and I am not suprised about the amount of attention the show is getting. With the power of life fibers, Ryuko Matoi is set out to avenge her fathers death.


Cosplayer Sarah Fong is taking Kill la Kill cosplay to a whole new level as well. Her depicition of Ryuko Matoi is spot on. I am absolutely blown away with the resemblence that she has to the character. Using what I believe is superhuman abilities Sarah was able to create a costume that defined the laws of gravity. Her cosplay skills are so amazing and the amount of detail that she put into her costume is impeccable. 


Throughout the process of creating the costume Sarah shares fun and helpful progress photos that really depict her dedication to the craft. To learn more about Sarah and to follow her progress on all her upcoming cosplays and conventions like her on Facebook! There are also a number of amazing teamups with C & C Cosplay!




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Written by Guest Contributor: NerdgirlBritt