Kill la Kill’s Satsuki Kiryuin in Red Hot Cosplay

satsuki-kiryuin-cosplay-1Photography by M9 Cosplay

Satsuki Kiryuin is known for her iron fisted rule as president of Honnōji Academy’s Student Council in the series Kill la Kill. Possessing a high intellect and cunning, she is one of the main antagonists of the story. Prideful and unwavering in her determination to achieve her goals, she is even willing to put herself directly in harm’s way if it means securing victory.

satsuki-kiryuin-cosplay-2Photography by Mist Mana Reactor

While Satsuki is often seen wearing her white and blue sailor inspired attire, she also dons Nudist Gear. It is this outfit that cosplayer Demoiselle has chosen to recreate. Comprised mostly of various pouches, the outfit is very revealing yet still covers all the important areas. The top is a black bikini adorned with two pouches on the breasts while the bottom is entirely made of the same pouches, acting as both a belt and bottom. Wielding a sword, this is one lady you would not get into a fight with as I am sure her costume would be most distracting in battle. Demoiselle has hit the nail on the head with this costume, transforming herself perfectly in Satsuki and her Nudist Gear.



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