Kill Zombies With Class: An Ada Wong Cosplay!

Resident Evil’s Ada Wong is quite a mystery. Not much is known about her past, and she always seems to have secret motives and intentions for her actions, never fully made clear. But what more can you expect from someone who works as a spy and has received full training to be a skilled assassin and weapons master? Although she has a tough exterior and rarely lets anyone cross the borders into her personal life to find out who she truly is, Ada is still lovable and capable of loving, falling into romances that can prove to be heartbreaking.

ada-wong-cosplay-3There are many cosplays of the lovely Ada Wong in her sleek red dress, but rarely do they come close to the accuracy that cosplayer Shermie does. Showing off the gun holster strapped around her thigh through the slit in her dress and hair cut in typical Ada Wong style, Shermie looks almost exactly like the Resident Evil bombshell that horror fans have become so attached to.