Killer Instinct’s Finest Elite Spy: A B. Orchid Cosplay

Last Friday many of you may have enjoyed the satisfaction of busting out your new PS4s, while the rest of us were patiently waiting out one of the longest weeks ever for today’s release of the Xbox One. With so many epic exclusive launch titles such as Dead Rising 3, Titanfall, Ryse, Halo 5, and Killer Instinct making their grand debut—fans will be spending plenty of quality time getting to know the newest addition to their console family. Diehard fighting fans are certainly ready to strategically master the newest ultra-combos in Killer Instinct; especially those who have enjoyed playing the game since its first console release on the SNES in 1995.

Killer Instinct fans were almost immediately sent into nostalgia mode when they discovered that there would soon be a new release of the classic series that helped to shape their love for fighting games. With so much hype and excitement with today’s release of the Xbox One, we simply could not resist the urge to share this epic B. Orchid cosplay by Aurora Peachy. With a deeply seeded love for Killer Instinct that goes back to her days of playing the SNES, Aurora Peachy could hardly contain her excitement when she watched the orchid reveal trailer. Her passion for Killer Instinct inspired her to create a phenomenal cosplay of the elite spy whose past is but a mystery.


While there are several amazing B. Orchid cosplays out there, Aurora Peachy’s fandom for Killer Instinct shines as bright as her metallic green leotard with yellow trim. She has crafted a truly accurate interpretation of Orchid’s unique costume from Killer Instinct 2; incorporating small detail work into the costume that really makes it stand out, such as making sure that the yellow trim was filled with plastic tubing so that it gives her costume that retro N64 feel. Aurora Peachy teamed up with DeathCom Mulimedia and MaterArucard to capture her stunning cosplay. With Orchid’s signature black and yellow tonfas gripped tightly in each hand, she definitely looks as if she means to show no mercy when she is face-to-face with any of her unfortunate opponents. After demonstrating her exceptional costuming skills and her uncanny love for Orchid’s character, we will eagerly be awaiting Aurora Peachy’s cosplay creation!

We are certain that many of the dedicated fans who have waited 17 long years for another addition to the Killer Instinct series are all probably one the edge of their seats at this very moment, as they eagerly await to welcome a weekend of basking nostalgia while reliving those glorious moments of pwning once more with B. Orchid and her Firecat in the tournament of a lifetime. Meanwhile, we hope that you guys will be able to contain your excitement throughout today as we bring you more epic Xbox One news.




 Written by Guest Contributor: Domoshimi

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