Kim Possible! A Successful Cosplay Mission!

kim-possible-1Cheerleader and honor roll student one minute, freelance secret agent and hero the next! Kim Possible can do anything! She’s popular, beautiful, undoubtedly competitive, and all around lovable. Her missions with Ron, Wade, and Rufus take her on some wild rides. Her skills in combat prove useful in most situations, especially when her ultimate rival, Shego, crashes the party.

With a full, gorgeous red wig and stealth poses, cosplayer Liz (The Restless 88) brings Kim to life! Clad in cargo pants and a mission-worthy black turtle neck, she means business. Liz exudes confidence with smug expressions, looking as lovely and animated as Kim herself. This is such an enjoyable trip down memory lane. Costumes like this keep the memories of beloved characters alive and well!


Liz has an entire gallery full of wonderful costumes! Head over to her DeviantArt for more!


Photography by Rikku Chan.


Written by Guest Contributor: Skirtz