Kingdom Hearts Footage Set for Japanese Disney Event

With the D23 Expo event having drawn to a close, Disney and Kingdom Hearts fans were elated to hear that the recent sci-fi action film Big Hero 6 will be making an appearance in the highly anticipated third installment in the Final Fantasy meets Disney crossover RPG. While this news was ground and very well received, some fans were a little disappointed that there wasn’t any new footage of the game to be seen, instead having to suffice just for some concept art.

But worry not RPG fans, because according to an announcement by Square-Enix Japan and Disney, the Japanese D23 event in November will be host to two Kingdom Hearts panels, including one that will contain not only a special guest, but also new footage of the “Kingdom Hearts series.” While this doesn’t explicitly say Kingdom Hearts III, with the recent announcements, it’s safe to say it’ll likely be for Kingdom Hearts III. The event is set to be held in Urayama, in the Chiba Prefecture of Japan, at 1PM and 4PM local time on November 3rd. We’ll just have to wait to see what comes up out of it in the meantime. Kingdom Hearts III is set for release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, although no release date has been made.