Kitana Cosplay is an Epic Victory

Kitana is one of the fan favorites of the Mortal Kombat series.  As a princess, Kitana seeks glory and justice; however, her replicated twin sister, Mileena, seeks just the opposite.  While the two battle it out in the arena, it is hard to tell who will win, as they both harness powerful moves that enable them to skew their opponent into a bloody, pulpy mess.


This cosplay of the Mortal Kombat X version of Kitana is as badass as it can get.  Cosplayer Jutsukino perfectly crafted this amazing cosplay of the warrior princess and the end result is nothing short of spot-on to the source material.  We love a good Mortal Kombat cosplay, and this one surely takes the cake.

Check out more of Jutsukino’s cosplay work by visiting her Facebook page!


Photography by Jota Jota Rugal