Kitana Cosplay is Fatally Entrancing

Kitana is a gorgeous princess who has become highly beloved by Mortal Kombat fans throughout the years.  She represents bravery and justice, while her twin sister, Mileena, is maniacal and bloodthirsty above all else.  Kitana is a character that could make for some incredibly epic cosplays, as she has numerous costumes that one could choose to create, and her fighting background makes for some badass poses for your cosplay photos.


Nemu makes one of the best Kitanas around.  Her outfit was sewn and crafted to perfection.  Nemu truly looks straight of the Mortal Kombat video game. We couldn’t imagine a more beautiful, yet intimidating, cosplay of the Mortal Kombat character we know and love: Kitana.

Cassie Cage Cosplayer: Narga Lifestream
Photography by Makks Tobi