Kitana is Not to be Underestimated in Epic Cosplay

Kitana is the Princess of Edenia, once ruled by the mighty Shao Khan. Tricked into believing he was her father, she remained dutifully at his side for her much of her 10,000 year life span. A powerful fighter, when it is revealed to her she has been duped, she uses her skills to help overthrow Shao Khan and free Edenia. Massing an army to ensure Shao Khan would never threaten the world again, she aligns herself on the side of good.


Throughout the years since her introduction in Mortal Kombat II she has had multiple outfit changes. Starting with a simplistic blue leotard and face mask, she has evolved into wearing a two piece outfit of the same color. The latter attire has been chosen by Khymichi to show off her amazing costume creation skills. With shimmering blue material the cropped top is laced with black through the bust area. Matching material is used for the bottom. The boots are armored and detailed beautifully with matching arm guards. Her signature steel fans are ready to teach her opponents some respect. Photographer hawkeye250 of Zero Cool Photography captures not only Kitana’s radiance, but her determination and power as well.



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