Kristen Lanae Strikes Again with a Stunning Moka Akashiya Cosplay!


The pink-haired beauty, Moka Akashiya, originates from the popular anime series Rosario + Vampire. She never fails to impress and is always sought after by her hopeful classmates at Yokai Academy. Being a Vampire, Moka at first found herself extremely distrustful of the Human race, but later she starts to fall in love with the only Human at Yokai Academy, Tsukune Aono. Their love seemed to hold no boundaries, with Tsukune even allowing Moka to drink his blood to maintain her health. Not only does Tsukune protect Moka in this way, but Moka protects Tsukune vigorously, as he is only Human and may find it harder to fight against the rough conditions of the world than a Vampire would. Rosario + Vampire is easily a favorite among anime fans, and if you have yet to see it, it is now available on Netflix.


One of All That’s Epic’s favorite cosplayers, Kristen Lanae, created this stunning Moka Akashiya cosplay that we absolutely adore. Sporting Moka’s signature long, pink locks and Yokai Academy uniform, Kristen is quite the replica of Moka– even down to the Vampire teeth!

moka-akashiya-cosplay-3Edit by Tascha Dearing Art

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