Lady Death Cosplay is a Gorgeous Nightmare

Lady Death is a popular comic book character who began as a hallucination that prompted a young boy to kill as many people on Earth as possible.  Sexy, seductive, and powerful, Lady Death was surely filled with evil intent.  However, later on throughout her comic book series, Lady Death proves that she might not be so evil after all, as her persona completely changes and she becomes more heroic than villainous.

Cosplayer Nemu makes an incredible Lady Death, as she embodies Lady Death’s gothic, sexy essence.  Placing herself on a gothic-styled throne, Nemu creates a cosplay image that is truly a sight to behold.  While a Lady Death cosplay could be difficult to pull off, with her ghostly white skin and scanty apparel, Nemu does so flawlessly.  Be sure to check out more of Nemu by visiting her on DeviantART!



Photography by Pugoffka