Lara Croft Cosplay is a Real Treasure

Lara Croft is a young, beautiful, and strangely agile archaeologist who just so happens to enjoy going on death defying adventures and, on occasion,  spelunking. She is quite gifted in many areas. She is fluent in many languages, a master hunter, a published writer, as well as a highly skilled treasure hunter. Since her first appearence in the 1996 video game, she’s been one of the most popular female game characters of all time.

It’s difficult to cosplay a character that Angelina Jolie has played, but arguably, Daelyth is giving Jolie a run for her money! Daelyth has gone for Lara’s “classic” look with the braided hair, crop top, brown shorts, white socks and climbing boots. Her edits on the photos are amazing. They make it look like she’s actually scaling mountains and trapsing through jungles. Impressive work! Be sure to check out Daelyth’s other cosplays.







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