Lara Croft is Ready for Danger in Edgy Cosplay


Lara Croft was not introduced as the typical female video game character. Designed to combat the stereotypical females found at the time, she is a strong, intelligent, beautiful woman who can take care of herself. Traveling around the world in search of treasure, she seeks out adventure wherever she can find it. With multiple video game iterations, hit movies, various actions figures and SIX Guinness World Records, her popularity has never been questioned.


Cosplayer Ari Rubin takes on the persona on the globetrotting beauty to smashing success. In a dark khaki tank and shorts, she is Lara Croft all over. With her hair held back in a ponytail and grim on her face, she is still gorgeous. With her gun out she watches for danger as she moves through the city. Photographer Ulf Zambryzcki really highlights the character. Focusing on her strength and still showcasing her beauty, he makes the world around her more rustic and grimy, calling to attention that Lara Croft does not often stay in pristine condition on her travels.



Photography by Ulf Zambryzcki



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